Tuiles on a Petit Four Stand

How to make Tuiles

November 16, 2021 Heydass 0

Tuiles are French wafers (thin biscuits) which are baked. They are formed into an arc rather like a Pringle™. They make an elegant garnish for […]

Empire biscuits on a white background with a cup of tea or coffee.

How to make Empire Biscuits

November 4, 2021 smitsa 0

Empire biscuits are easy to make. Old-fashioned but delicious they still grace the teatime table. They are simply a sandwich of biscuit with raspberry jam […]

A traditional Scottish Christmas fruit Dundee cake with a mix of dried fruits, decorated with peeled almonds on a wooden board on a dark concrete background. Christmas fruitcake recipe

How to make a Dundee Cake

November 2, 2021 smitsa 0

The traditional Dundee cake is often found at Christmas. It is sometimes bakes to replace Christmas Cake itself but is often eaten throughout the year. […]

Aloo Paratha / Indian Potato stuffed Flatbread. Served with fresh curd and tomato ketchup. selective focus

Making Paratha Bread

June 18, 2020 smitsa 0

Paratha is a classic Indian flat bread which is similar to a chapati only richer and flakier. It looks like a triangular bread. The bread […]

Steamed cake being prepared from a yeast-infused dough

Steamed Cake

September 11, 2019 smitsa 0

A steamed cake is very distinct from a baked cake. Seems simple to say but they are very different in texture and resemble a steamed […]


Producing Crackers

December 19, 2018 smitsa 0

Crackers are a type of biscuit which have  long been valued for their diversity and versatility. They were produced to sustain travelers such as seafarers […]

Steamed chinese bun

Chinese Steamed Buns

November 9, 2018 smitsa 0

Chinese steam bread or buns are popular staples to accompany all sorts of chinese dishes. Peking duck and chow meins are all popular dishes which […]