Brewers yeast. A case for flocculation at the end of brewing.


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One of the fundamental processes of downstream processing of biomolecules is the separation of insoluble material from soluble material. It is regularly used in wastewater […]

anaerobic digesters with cows

Monitoring Anaerobic Digesters

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Biogas is produced from anaerobic digestion of organic material using many different types of microorganisms. Methane is the most important gas. The most straightforward method […]

structure of bacterial cell showing plasmids

What Are Plasmids?

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Plasmids are one of the most important factors in the success of biotechnology.  The word plasmid was introduced Joshua Lederberg in 1952 as the American […]

Onion plant cells are immobilized cell systems.

Cell Immobilization

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Cell immobilization is a standard biochemical engineering technique for encapsulating cells which are then used in reactors. Cells are needed in manufacturing for the production […]

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The eukaryotic chromosome is certainly much more complex than that of a prokaryote. For start, there is a complex between DNA and proteins and the […]

water from a tap. Purified using ion-exchange chromatography

Ion-Exchange Chromatography

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Ion-exchange chromatography involves the separation of molecules such as proteins based on their charge profile. It is often defined by process engineering texts as the […]

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Downstream Processing Fundamentals

October 5, 2010 smitsa 0

Introduction Downstream processing refers to the steps taken following fermentation of microorganisms. The fermentation is sometimes referred to as a bioreactor. It will mean the […]

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Antimicrobial Peptides

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Bacterial infections still persist as a group of major diseases that have long been responsible for a high proportion of deaths throughout the world. Unfortunately […]