Are Parabens A Problem?

January 14, 2021 Heydass 0

Paraben-free is a term that is frequently used when marketing healthcare products, so it seems logical to assume that parabens must be harmful. However, there’s […]

Blocks of tempeh or tempe on a black background.

Using Tempeh or Tempe

December 11, 2020 smitsa 0

Tempeh (Tempe) is a traditional soy food produced in Indonesia. It has a very high protein content which makes it an ideal substitute for meat […]

Brewers yeast. A case for flocculation at the end of brewing.


October 6, 2020 smitsa 0

One of the fundamental processes of downstream processing of biomolecules is the separation of insoluble material from soluble material. It is regularly used in wastewater […]

Food waste and garbage in bags

Food Waste: It’s A Shocker!

September 20, 2020 smitsa 0

Food waste is a shocking issue! We have an increasing world population which is also experiencing greater hunger than ever. The prospective world population may […]

anaerobic digesters with cows

Monitoring Anaerobic Digesters

July 6, 2020 smitsa 0

Biogas is produced from anaerobic digestion of organic material using many different types of microorganisms. Methane is the most important gas. The most straightforward method […]