What are the advantages of a food safety management system (FSMS) ?

I was recently asked what the advantages of a food safety management system (FSMS) happened to be. All food businesses have a legal and moral obligation to produce their food safely and this is the prime or principal responsibility of management. Frankly, itโ€™s the following:-

  1. Reduced risk of food poisoning through a structured, supervised and organised methodology
  2. It affords brand protection โ€“ nothing worse than creating bad publicity !
  3. Creation and promotion of a safe food production culture within the organisation or business.
  4. Improved food safety standards
  5. A statement of intent to customers that food safety is important as part of the service and the business is keen to preserve its reputation.
  6. Compliance with food safety regulations and a critical feature of HACCP plans.
  7. It is a legal requirement and thus essential in defence of any due diligence.
  8. Creates good working conditions, with higher staff morale and a reduced turnover of staff
  9. Better productivity generally
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