Flowering witch hazel (hamamelis) and wooden spoon with dried leaves for homemade skin care cosmetics and bath additive on a white background, closeup with selected focus, narrow depth of field

Witch Hazel Uses And Benefits

January 13, 2018 smitsa 0

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana L.) is a valuable natural  skin care product for treating a wide range of conditions and ailments. The extracts are obtained from […]

Bunch of rosehips, the fruit of the rose bush.

Rosehip Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Rosehips are a fantastic nutritional health source but the seeds also yield an excellent oil which is composed of omega-6 (45 percent) and omega-3 (35 […]

The essential oil of carrot seeds in a glass bottle on a wooden table.

Carrot Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 1

Carrot seed oil is an extraordinary therapeutic product for the skin. When added to carrier oils it is used to soothe dry and matured skin. […]

Cut halves of aloe leaves on a wooden table.

The Benefits Of Aloe vera

May 2, 2017 smitsa 0

Aloe vera has been used for millenia for healing – its certainly not just a an attractive potted plant! Before we recognised its healing properties, […]