Oatly Chocolate Oatmilk, 11 Ounce (4 Pack), Single Serve


  • Hello future chocolate oatmilk drinker! We didn’t write that because we can see the future or anything. We just know that if you buy these adorable little cartons of this super-delicious product, you will probably really like it. That’s all.
  • Oh look! It’s a special 4 pack of tiny 11 oz cartons—the perfect size for trying out a new product on Amazon. What a coincidence.
  • This is a vegan, dairy free, nut free, soy free, non GMO, gluten free, plant based milk made from oats. And it is CHOC-O-LATE.
  • FYI, we are the original oatmilk company. We don’t know anything about almonds or soy or cashews or whatever. We only do amazing, sustainable oats.
  • So yeah, you have just found something wonderful on Amazon, in case you were wondering.

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