Jams wont set without pectin. Starwberry jam, apricot jam and raspberry jam.


November 9, 2009 smitsa 1

Pectins are complex plant heteropolysaccharides in the plant cell wall which are vital in cell structure and functioning. They are found in all the higher […]

Soursop section isolated on white background

The Soursop (Annona muricata)

January 18, 2008 smitsa 1

The Soursop fruit (Annona muricata L.) which is well known worldwide, is also known in South America as the Guanabana or specifically in Brazil as Graviola. It has […]

Fresh figs stuffed with mizithra sheep's cheese and toasted almond slivers, topped with honey and garnished with pomegranate seeds, seen from above.


June 5, 2005 smitsa 0

Mizithra or myzithra is a fresh cheese made with milk and whey from either sheep or goats, or both (Barron, 1991). It is similar to Feta […]

No Picture


April 10, 2005 smitsa 0

Dextran is a generic term for a family of complex branched  glucans which are glucopolysaccharides. Dextran is prepared by the polymerization of the α-d-glucopyranosyl moiety […]

Pineapples with their leaves on.


October 21, 1999 smitsa 2

The pineapple retains its position as one of the world’s favourite fruits. It has long been one of the most popular of the non-citrus tropical […]