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Stable Foams

July 5, 2013 smitsa 0

Foams are fascinating food structures which appear in all aspects of the culinary arts. They are critical features of beer heads, meringues, coffee crema, angel […]

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Fat Crystallization

June 14, 2013 smitsa 0

Fat crystallization is a complex phenomenon that plays a crucial role in various industries, especially in food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. This process involves the […]

Antique chinese silk painting in the style of the Song and Yuan dynasties; nature, landscapes and countryside landscapes with hills; mountains; rivers and peaceful scenes are the subjects of these brush dipped black colored ink; generaly the materials us

The Chinese Olive

May 18, 2013 smitsa 0

The Chinese olive (Canarium album L.), is known in its native home, China as  Ganlan and Qingguo. It is a member of the Burseraceae family. It is widely […]

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Bread and Butter Pudding

May 5, 2013 smitsa 1

Bread and butter pudding is a classic British dessert that’s perfect for using up leftover bread. This recipe serves six people and can be easily […]

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Visiting the IFE 2013

April 4, 2013 smitsa 1

This year’s visit to the International Food Exhibition 2013, at the end of March at the ExCel Centre in London proved as valuable as always. What a […]

Pepino melons on a white background

The Pepino Fruit

March 15, 2013 smitsa 2

The pepino fruit (Solanum muricatum Ait.), (a.k.a. melon pear, pepino dulce, sweet cucumber) is native to the Andes of South America, but now grown commercially in Chile […]

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Akebia trifoliata

March 13, 2013 smitsa 0

Akebia trifoliata (Thunb.) Koidz. var. australis (Diels) Rehd., is a woody climbing vine, that is widespread throughout Asia, especially in China, Korea and Japan.  It is a […]

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The Problems With Peroxidases

March 6, 2013 smitsa 0

Peroxidases (POD) are problematic enzymes when it comes to reducing browning or minimising the loss of nutrients in fruits and vegetables.  The enzyme is often used as […]