Sports Nutrition

Branded sports nutrition products have notably increased in recent years. It is one of the most exciting and fast-moving areas of growth in the nutraceuticals arena.  Many of the prominent brands are accessible through various portals listed below.

The sector is worth $2.5 billion globally but there is still room for more sports nutrition businesses to make their mark.

The main driving force behind this spectacular growth is the ‘Millennial’ generation. This is the main demographic that sports nutritionists have largely been targeting. Here we look at those brands that have made their mark.

Leading UK Brands



The brand launched in 2010 by husband and wife team Alan and Juliet Barratt. The couple only had £27 in the bank when they started their immensely impressive brand. They sold the business to Lion Capital for £72m  where it continues to grow.

Grenade originally started out in the weight-loss sector. It soon became apparent that they were more than that. They are now one of the market-leading sports performance and active nutrition brands, incorporating a wide range of innovative, high-protein and low-sugar products. Look for theur ‘carb killa’ which comes in at least 10 delicious flavours anytime. They also have a tremendous range of supplements so check out their page on this site.


Optimum Nutrition

A top brand which offers a vast range of protein mixes, supplements, vitamins and other supplements. One of their most popular are the whey foods which are high protein mixes for muscle-building.

PBN – Premium Body Nutrition

Superb whey protein supplements at an affordable price. Don’t miss their best tasting peanut butter. The PBN whey protein range is ‘designed for athletes seeking to increase protein intake to help aid the growth of lean muscle mass’.

PhD Nutrition

A leading sports bar producer and supplier of whey proteins. Look for their diet whey brand. 

Leading US Brands

MTS Nutrition

MTS Nutrition have been for a number of years the leading USA sports nutrition brand with a super range of protein powder products, bars and various other foods. Check out the whey proteins – vast range of flavours on offer. Some are available in the UK but mostly only on Amazon USA. 

Pump Chasers

You might know them from their clothes but Pump Chasers have their name on some really interesting sports supplements. One of the iconic is the Pump N’ Grind supplement which is purely for the serious work-out junky. Again, a brand not that widely available in the UK but check the Amazon USA site. Not all products can be exported outside the USA. 

Iron Labs Nutrition

NOW Sports

A USA brand supplying virtually all sports nutrition products. has a strong trust rating amongst its consumers and advocates strong credentials in terms of testing and supply. 

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