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The White Blood Cells

December 11, 2022 smitsa 0

White blood cells (WBCs), also known as leukocytes, are a crucial component of the immune system, playing a pivotal role in defending the body against […]

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January 6, 2022 smitsa 0

Histatins are a family of salivary proteins that play a crucial role in oral health and immunity. These proteins are primarily found in human saliva […]

wheat with a no go symbol. A sign for celiac disease sufferers.

Celiac Disease

April 17, 2019 smitsa 0

Celiac disease or ceoliac disease is a condition which has long been the bane of cereal eaters for many years. It is still the most […]

Ladle bone broth to the pan with the broth background top view

Bone Broth Is So Good For Us

March 13, 2019 smitsa 0

Overview An old South American proverb says “good broth can resurrect the dead”. Bone broth is now one of the trending non-vegetarian foods for helping […]

Tendon problems on woman leg indicated with red spot. joint inflammation concept.

The Biochemistry Of Cytokines

June 15, 2018 smitsa 0

Cytokines are cell signaling molecules that help with cell to cell communication in immune responses. They stimulate the movement of cells towards sites of inflammation, […]

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Acanthopanax koreanum

December 1, 2017 smitsa 1

Acanthopanax koreanum is a medicinal plant in the Araliaceae family which has been extensively used in Korea. The roots and stem barks of A. koreanum […]

60839348 - astragalus root

Astragalus Root

September 10, 2017 smitsa 0

Astragalus propinquus (syn. Astralagus membranaceus) is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used by Chinese herbalists and known in that culture as huáng qí which […]

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March 9, 2017 smitsa 0

Forskolin is a key active ingredient from the root of Plectranthus forskohlii (syn. Coleus forskholi ) which predominantly grows in India, Nepal and Thailand. It […]