Freezing foods: Frozen beans.

Freezing Foods

October 26, 2023 smitsa 0

Freezing is a popular and effective method of food preservation that has been used for centuries. The process also extends storage time and thus the […]

Strawberries. Fruits are a good source for removal of anthocyanins in preparing decolourized fruit juices.

Removal of Anthocyanins

January 30, 2023 smitsa 0

The removal of anthocyanins is a useful process in the commercial preparation of decolourised juices for further development. Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments found in plants […]

A traditional view of lubricants.

Food-Grade Lubricants

January 7, 2022 smitsa 0

Food-grade lubricants and greases play a crucial role in the food processing industry, ensuring the safety and efficiency of machinery and equipment involved in the […]

Manufacture of glucose syrup

The Manufacture Of Glucose Syrup

August 26, 2021 smitsa 0

Glucose syrup is manufactured from starches usually derived from maize (corn) or rice. There are seven process steps which include:- mixing process, liquefaction, deproteinization, saccharification, […]

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Isochoric Freezing

August 12, 2021 smitsa 0

Isochoric freezing, also known as constant-volume freezing or pressure-shift freezing, is a process used in the food industry to preserve food products by rapidly reducing […]

What cultured meat is emulating: a steak.

The Future of Cultured Meat

July 12, 2021 smitsa 0

Cultured meat is one of the latest innovative alternatives hitting the food industry with the primary aim of replacing the slaughtering of animals. Such a […]

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The Casson Model

March 7, 2021 smitsa 0

The Casson model is a fundamental concept in rheology, offering insight into the flow behavior of various materials, particularly those exhibiting non-Newtonian behavior. In this […]