Guar gum and xanthan gum are often used in ice lollies and ice cream.

What is Xanthan Gum?

February 7, 2024 smitsa 1

Xanthan gum sounds like a planet straight out of science fiction but it is one of the most useful and surprisingly common materials to be […]

Freezing foods: Frozen beans.

Freezing Foods

October 26, 2023 smitsa 0

Freezing is a popular and effective method of food preservation that has been used for centuries. The process also extends storage time and thus the […]

Culinary variety of fats on white background. Stability of edible oils is a key necessity where ever they are used.

The Stability of Edible Oils

September 13, 2023 smitsa 0

Edible oils stability preoccupies many product developers using these ingredients in their recipes and formulations. Oxidative stability of an oil is an important quality factor […]

Black and red caviar in a tin can on a dark background

Why is Caviar So Expensive?

August 18, 2023 smitsa 0

Caviar is expensive!  This delicacy consisting of the processed and salted roe (eggs) of sturgeon, a large and ancient fish species that can be found […]

Statue of Liberty. Eating breakfast in America.

Eating Breakfast in America

August 14, 2023 smitsa 0

In the land of the free, where every sunrise promises another chapter in the great American narrative, a culinary revolution has quietly unfolded beneath the […]

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Solvent-Free Microwave Extraction (SFME)

August 7, 2023 smitsa 0

Solvent-Free Microwave Extraction (SFME) is a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technique used in the extraction of bioactive compounds from various plant materials, food products, pharmaceuticals, […]