St. Pierre Fish (John Dory) with Potato Salad

How to cook John Dory

November 19, 2021 smitsa 0

Cooking a John Dory or St. Pierre fish is not an issue it’s actually finding one to cook. They seem to be only available from […]

Seafood Fraud

June 23, 2021 smitsa 0

Seafood fraud is one of the biggest unsung food issues of the 21st century. It not only means the illegal mislabeling and mis-selling of fish […]

smoked salmon canapes

The Best Smoked Salmon

November 14, 2019 smitsa 0

Smoked salmon is one of those festive treats that simply lights up a luncheon or buffet table. It is also a fine ingredient for a […]

hake frozen in ice and ready for market.


September 3, 2018 smitsa 2

Hake is one of those sea fishes that might not  be of enormous interest if it wasn’t for the fact that it is so sought […]

Tuna fish laid out in a line on a wooden bench

Trends In Tuna Fishing

August 22, 2018 smitsa 2

Tuna is possibly the most widely sought after fish in the world – even more so than salmon. It is certainly commercially one of the […]

nile tilapia

The Nile Tilapia

May 5, 2017 smitsa 0

The Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) is a cichlid fish found in most of Africa and not just the Nile. It has found its way […]

No Picture

Could you Eat Lionfish ?

August 1, 2016 smitsa 0

Lionfish might seem to be rather a dangerous but beautiful fish for the supper table, given it has such venomous dorsal fins and is incredibly […]

Multicoloured jellies made with meat or fish gelatin, a blue fork, an Allamanda flower and some bottles of coloured liquid. All on a white background.

Gelatin From Fish

April 9, 2014 smitsa 0

Alternative sources of gelatin to those derived from cattle and pigs came to the fore following various issues and scandals worldwide, associated with their processing of […]

killing fish

Killing Fish For Food

April 10, 2012 smitsa 0

The preparation of fish for the market place, for culinary dishes, for any food product in fact places great reliance on the method of slaughter […]