kenya. The cuisine of Kenya.

The Cuisine of Kenya

March 13, 2024 smitsa 1

Kenyan cuisine is a vibrant and diverse mosaic that mirrors the country’s rich cultural heritage, blending indigenous traditions with influences from the Arab, Portuguese, and […]


Suhoor and Iftar

March 8, 2024 smitsa 1

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world observe a period of fasting from dawn until sunset, which is one of the Five Pillars […]

ice cream coating, emulsifier ammonium phosphatide

Ammonium Phosphatide

March 5, 2024 smitsa 1

Ammonium phosphatide, also known as E442, is an emulsifier commonly used in the food industry. Emulsifiers are substances that help stabilize mixtures of liquids that […]

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Yield Stress

March 4, 2024 smitsa 0

Yield stress is a material property that characterizes the point at which a material undergoes a transition from elastic deformation to plastic deformation. In simpler […]

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Beef Braciole

March 3, 2024 smitsa 2

Beef braciole, also known simply as braciole, is a traditional Italian dish consisting of thinly sliced beef rolled with a savory filling, then braised in […]