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What is Gluten-Free Pasta?

April 16, 2023 smitsa 0

Gluten-free pasta is the answer to all those people who suffer with coeliac disease and cannot process gluten.  It has become now a lifestyle choice […]

struffoli - Italian pastry for Christmas and Easter

How to Make Struffoli

April 12, 2023 smitsa 0

Struffoli is a traditional Italian dessert that originated in Naples. It is a sweet, fried dough pastry that is shaped into small balls and drizzled […]

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The Shikimate Pathway

April 11, 2023 smitsa 0

The shikimate pathway is a critical metabolic pathway found in microorganisms, plants, and some fungi. It serves as the central route for the biosynthesis of […]

hydroponics, Hydroponics vegetable farming in Thailand, young lettuce plant growing in organic farm, new agriculture technology system

Hydroponics Takes Off

April 8, 2023 smitsa 0

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a soil-free environment using nutrient-rich water. This method of cultivation has been in use for centuries, with […]

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What are Emulsifiers?

April 5, 2023 smitsa 0

An emulsifier is an ingredient that helps to mix two immiscible substances, such as oil and water, by reducing the surface tension between them. Emulsifiers […]

Whoopie pies. Chocolate sandwich cookies with cream filling. Delicious American homemade cakes.

How to Make a Whoopie Pie

April 3, 2023 smitsa 0

The whoopie pie is a soft, luscious chocolate cake which hails from Amish culture in the northern USA states around Pennsylvania. It has even been […]