Herbs, Spice Seeds & Plants

Herbs and spices are one of the main stays of global cuisine. They are superb for flavouring and garnishing. Herbs have a multitude of uses and they do not all need to be bought from the grocers or supermarket. Many can be grown at home !.

We look at how these many different plants are grown. They are extremely easy to grow and we offer here a wide selection so growing cannot be easier. All of them are perfect for growing in containers on the patio, for windowsills, for the open ground or in the greenhouse and cold frame. There must be some space in the house for these stalwarts. Just pick the leaves straight from those plants.

There are growing instructions dotted throughout this web-site and we will attempt to ensure these are covered off in either pages or posts.

There are many suppliers in the United Kingdom. Some of the best known are Thompson & Morgan, Dobies, Mr. Fothergills, Kings Seeds, Simply Seeds, Suttons, etc. One of the great specialists is Jekka’s.

Plants (Herbs & Spices)




Garlic Chives


Marjoram: Golden

Mint: Pineapple 9cm and 12cm, Black Peppermint (for tea)


Parsley: Triple-Curled, Italian

Rosemary: Green Ginger, Spice Island

Sage: Golden, Purple

Salad Burnet


Thyme (12cm); Broad-Leaved

Viola Tricolour Heartsease

 Why not add a bit of extra flavour to your life. 

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