Potter’s Herbals

Potter’s Herbals are an old established brand of cough and cold medicines.  Many of the products are available in the United Kingdom and the USA.

Potter’s Herbals are remarkably a long standing business in the United Kingdom with over 200 years of heritage in herbal medicines. Henry Potter began work on herbal tincture and selling them from a shop in Faringdon Street in London. In 1812 Britain was still at war with France and London was continuing a pace as a commercial centre. Little did he know then that 200 years later his herbal medicines would be available in the modern packaging that characterises the brand. 

What Do Potter’s Herbals Offer? 

Perhaps they were most famous for their cough and cold medicines but have focused more on a general approach to herbal medicines. You can find a couple of products for the relief of the common cold and influenza type infections with their ‘Echinaceae & Elderberry Tincture’ as well as a traditional cough mixture based on liquorice syrup for relieving the soreness of an upper respiratory tract infection.

Worth visiting their web-site to get a lowdown on the product range.

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