Woods Of Windsor

Woods Of Windsor have made fragranced products since 1770 in England. They began in a small apothecary shop within earshot of Windsor Castle and has served the Royal family for a couple of centuries now. Well established in the world of personal care, they now sell their brand throughout the world. Some of their world-leading products include fragrances.

The brand promises ‘Natural beauty from the garden of England’. We have a lush green Lily of the Valley, so-fresh Bergamot & Neroli which has a light citrus introduction, with a herbal heart, or fruity-floral Blue Orchid & Water Lily, with so-English bluebells nodding at its heart. The men have their Cedar Woods which is an enlivening fragrance experience with citrus top notes overlaying a fresh and green spicy cedar wood.

Stand Out Product

Woods Of Windsor True Rose Dusting Powder

Woods Of Windsor True Rose Dusting Powder, 3.5 OunceOne of the outstanding products are their fragranced dusting powders. This particular one is an evocative, dusky and heavily perfumed rose talcum powder.


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