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Dr Hauschka is one of those brands we should know a lot better if we are interested in an holistic approach to skin, especially if its natural skin care we seek. After all, we all want to create a healthy and radiant complexion. They are renowned for the quality of their test packages which are a must have item. Many of their products are award winning and we identify some here which are worth seeking out further. Consumers would argue that once they have bought into the brand, they are highly revered for producing brilliant and beautiful skin. Scanning the ingredients lists, they are true to their word when they claim there are no synthetic fragrances, colours or preservatives.  The intention is to ‘harness the power of wholly natural plant ingredients’ and they appear to have achieved this.

Skin Care

Skin care often revolves around treating dry or even very dry skin. Application of moisturisers is believed to take one month for such dry skin to return to its true natural ‘plump’ state.  Dr Hauschka’s brands are designed specifically for this cosmetic condition. Many reviewers suggest Dr Hauschka’s Rose Cream (30ml) is a good place to start for skin which is screaming to be moisturised. The product has a clean, rose petal aroma which may not appeal to all however skin which has been treated feels fresh and toned. The reason for feeling so positive about skin plumping is that the Rose Cream regenerates the top layers of the epidermis (skin).

The impression we have of the products is that skin needs to be well moisturised by application of their products every evening. Continued application helps the skin to maintain a critical moisture level. There are situations where skin reacts to over application. When you look at how consumers have responded to their creams,  there is a slight reaction. The skin then becomes used to the moisturising treatment and feels much better than before. Once that moment is achieved, less moisturiser needs to be applied.

Cosmetics Removal

All brands should have at least one cosmetics removal product in their portfolio. For Dr. Hauschka, this is the Cleansing Milk (145ml) that not only moisturises but also cleans the skin as well as acting as the make-up remover. The Facial Toner (100ml) can also be applied once all make-up is removed. Many users of this product have dispensed with night creams as unnecessary now that the Facial Toner is available. As well as stimulating the moisturising the skin, a light misting of the face with this toner completes the cleansing routine. According to their web-site, the product contains two extracts which we know are important in skin soothing. Anthyllis vulneraria and Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) not only to contribute to the revitalising effect but also help the skin improve and maintain elasticity.

If you are seeking a day care product, then try the Dr Hauschka’s Revitalising Day Cream (100ml). The formulation is a light emulsion with high quality botanical extracts and oils which support the skin’s natural process of production of both moisture and oils. The result is a supple, fresh complexion. It is felt by reviewers to leave dry skin moisturised and balanced whilst pallid, tired-looking skin is revitalised.

Of all the brands noted on the internet, and looking at the number of ratings this particular brand receives, it appears to be in the top three.


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