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It must be in everybody’s New Year resolutions to be fitter, leaner and healthier. Whilst there are plenty of fitness and diet books about, one set that seems to have caught the imagination are those of Joe Wicks. He became the proverbial best-selling author when he started revealing his secrets for combining fitness with diet.

The internet driven diet and fitness guru is known as the ‘Body Coach’ because of his direct approach to driving healthiness and literally changing both our body as well as our thinking about keeping fit. He also introduced a series of recipes which dwell on the key nutritional groups: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The latest book in the series is the third. All of them concern shifting unwanted fat and building muscle simultaneously to generate the type of body we yearn for. In ‘Lean in 15 – The Sustain Plan’ he reveals how to generate incredible results while still seeing progress week on week.

Critically, all the books have clear illustrations explaining the concept of body sculpting with clear explanations on how this is achieved. It needs to be clear, simple and informative if it is to excite us about fitness. The book details various exercises along with various recipes which are all designed to be completed in 15 minutes. Checking out the recipes shows us that they are suitable for the culinary challenged and overcome the hurdles associated with those who are time threatened. The first cookbook is currently the third best-selling.

Article written by Claire Walker, Avid Recipe Collector and Dietician in Monmouth for FoodWrite Ltd.

The book is currently available here by clicking on the links below.

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