Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition is rightly proud of its reputation as a producer of high quality bars, biscuits, powders and other healthy products which are all enriched with protein. In 2019 it was acquired by the Simply Good Food Co. which makes the Atkins branded low carb foods. The purchase was $1 billion dollars. 

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You can see they produce a wide range of flavours in their bars.

Products Available From Quest Nutrition

All the bars contain 20g protein from milk/whey with a reduced carbohydrate content using the sweetener erythritol.

Quest Nutrition also have a series of tortilla style protein chips in four flavours – chili lime, Nacho, Ranch and Taco. These are all baked foods so no frying here. They also contain 20g of protein which is mainly whey and milk protein isolates. There is only 3g of carbohydrates of which 1g is dietary fibre and there are certainly no soy ingredients, so no GMO.

Quest Nutrition Tortilla protein chips

Ingredients Used In products

All allergens in bold lettering.

If you are interested to know more about the various ingredients please check out the following:-

Fruit: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries

Protein sources : milk protein isolate,  whey protein isolate,

Low-calorie sweeteners:  steviol glycosides, sucralose,  erythritol

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