Grenade is a brand to be reckoned with. In the United Kingdom, it is the number one leading brand with Amazon. For many of us, the brand is associated with muscle building and general fitness but is now moving into the mainstream with its product offerings. Many of their products are informed sport approved and accredited which gives them  credibility in a world of sports products still based on snake-oil claims.

Grenade Carb Killa Bars

Take the Grenade High Protein/Low Sugar bars for example which are registered as Carb Killa. When we read the press release, the flavour we looked at, stated: A generous helping of caramel laid over a soft, chewy base filled with deliciously crunchy milk chocolate crispies, all with less than 1.5g of sugar and impact carbohydrates.

The first aspect we noticed in reviewing the bars was the triple layering, reminiscent of a dense Mars bar. These are not ordinary protein bars as they do contain a whopping protein content of 23.2g per bar and plenty of healthy fibre ! They are also low in sugar (1.5g of sugar per bar) with 1.5g of high impact carbs. we are looking at about 214 calories per bar which is not bad for allowing you to fit into your swimming costume. This  should help remove the notion that you will simply pile on the pounds. Ketogenics should find them ideal if restricted to a particular diet.

Part of their success is the way these bars are produced using a baking process which creates a super soft, slightly crunchy texture. It’s also worth looking at the ingredients. The majority protein is from milk if not milk protein isolate, rather than whey. Texture is also contributed by protein rich ingredients such as unflavoured soy crisps and cocoa rich soy crisp.

-Bar Flavours

When you look at the flavours, there is a huge range to choose from. Try Jaffa Quake or the White Chocolate Cookie variants. If that isn’t enough we have:- Banana Armour, Caramel Chaos, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Crunch, Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint, Fudge Brownie, Peanut Nutter and White Chocolate Mocha. Try them for a great taste sensation and the fact they actually taste like the flavour description (unlike some). By the way, they claim to only have GMO free ingredients and certainly no hydrogenated oils.

Whilst all these flavours change with time and popularity, there is bound to be one which takes your fancy. When you’ve eaten one, the nutrition suggests that you wont loathe yourself for eating a chocolate bar. For many, they are too easy to eat !

Just note that some of the bars will contain over 10g of polyols in every 100g. Excessive consumption can produce a laxative effect.

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