Quaker are past masters at providing the consumer with high quality snacks. In their recent offering, they have come up with chewy toasted granola bars as a way of leveraging oats and other grains including rice with the healthy concept of fibre (fiber). The packs generally contain 18 individually wrapped granola bars which can be enjoyed on any snack occasion e.g. home, school, at work and so on. as far as we can see they are not using high-fructose corn syrup which has some controversy attached to it as a high-energy sweetener. They still have the great taste however so worth considering.

In nutrition terms, the main feature is they are packed with 8 grams of cereal grains in every 24g bar. These grains are mostly  oats and puffed rice. There is also 100 to 150 calories per bar depending on the flavour which is not going to turn you into a bloater overnight.

The main tastes are chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin – what’s not to like !

If you want other sizes and varieties, then try the mixed variety packs which have all three flavours.

We also like the ‘Oat So Simple’ Morning Bars which are flavoured oat bars. the ‘Golden Syrup’ bar is worth trying for its well balanced combination of crunchy oats with a soft, sugary syrupy note.

Last but not least, you have to try the chocolate coated granola bars which also come in the family friendly flavours of chocolate chip and peanut butter.  These are branded as ‘Chewy Dips’ with a similar nutritional profile. 

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Oats have a fantastic press. Indeed, soluble beta-glucan which comes from oats has an EFSA claim. We have often written about this particular ingredient because of its heart health benefits and association with managing type-2 diabetes and reducing cholesterol.

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