Valentine Chocolates For 2019

Valentine’s Day is special for all chocolate lovers as it is one of the best days of the year for giving a loved one something that truly acknowledges them. I suspect you might guess a shape that links them all. Here we look at a few of the new and tried and trusted sweet treats.

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Lindt Lindor Amour Heart Chocolate Box

Lindt Lindor Amour Heart Chocolate Box, 160g

Lindt have been producing celebration for ever and this heart shaped box says everything about St. Valentine’s Day.  Vibrant red with the ever distinctive bon-bon chocolates wrapped in foil and wrapper. These are classic milk chocolate truffles which also pop up at all celebrations. What is enjoyable is breaking through the relatively hard chocolate coated shell to the center which contains an exceptionally smooth melting truffle. A confection suitable for vegetarians and is also kosher KLBD certified.

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Lindt Hello Just For You Milk Chocolate Hearts

Lindt Hello Just For You Heart Tin 45 g

From the same stable as the Amour truffles, the Lindt Hello Just For You Milk Chocolate Hearts also say it from the heart (the tin gives it away again) !  Classic milk chocolate confection which also comes in a smaller size of 10 pieces. The fluorescent-pink wrapped confection uses that heart shape throughout. The milk chocolate is classic Lindt throughout. The tin is now a jewel case. Great for other occasions too !

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Ferrero Rocher Heart Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher T10 Heart Chocolate, 125 g

Ferrero Rocher have also an established offering and these well established golden wrapped confection are instantly recognisable as soon as they enter the mouth. If you like hazelnuts then it is not a disappointment to find these nut pieces wrapped by that crispy wafer with the creamy praline inner coating.

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The Valentine Sleekster Chocolate Box From Hotel Chocolat

The Valentine Sleekster Chocolate Box

Open the box and there is a beautiful presentation of heart shaped chocolates in all the flavours associated with love. See chocolates of all sorts of flavours from champagne, salted espresso, salted macadamia, passion fruit, pistachio, salted caramel kiss, raspberry-rose & lychee, nuts about raspberry and last but not least, vanilla. Hotel Chocolat suggest the chocolates can be paired but I suspect it is best left to your individual taste. Frankly, I imagine just woofing down one after the other.


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