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Please see a selection of case studies below concerning regulatory affairs. If there is something in these case studies which would help you pursue or resolve your objectives, please contact FoodWrite Ltd. The clients cannot be identified but have given permission for the subject matter to be identified in the generic format.'would 'snap crackle burp' be actionable?'

Cider vs. Made Wine – report (Project No. 3T68)… report on HMRC view, tax and distinctions between various cider and made wine products for UK market.

Claims development for various new ingredients – assessment (Project No. 8H08)…. review of EFSA process for submission of documents relating to some fibre ingredients. Customer wanted overview of process of submission.

Overview of regulatory processes for Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia (Project No. 5T67)…in collaboration with an FMCG regulatory affairs manager assessing dietary supplements, including their specifications and Halal status. Foodwrite Ltd. produced documentation to support new introductions.

Preservative levels in beverages (soft drinks) – report (Project No. 3D56)…. assessment of sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and combinations for a product developer checking levels at end of shelf-life of product. Products destined for tropical storage.


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