Mushrooms especially morels like Morchella (Morchella angusticepes) in a natural state.

Morchella Angusticeps

March 6, 2019 smitsa 0

Morchella angusticepes Peck (M. angusticepes Peck) is a very interesting fungus as well as being a Morel. It is a member of the Morchellaceae family which […]

Dried mushroom in a market, closeup of photo. Scource of L-ergothioneine


September 24, 2014 smitsa 0

L-ergothioneine (ERT, 2-thiol-l-histidine-betaine) is an unusual bioactive compound found in food. The biological function of this hydrophilic low-molecular-weight thiol is not known fully even though […]

48092196 - king oyster mushroom - eryngii mushroom

Pleurotus eryngii

August 18, 2011 smitsa 0

Pleurotus eryngii, also known as the king oyster mushroom or cardoncello, is gaining considerable popularity amongst consumers worldwide (Rodriguez Estrada and Royse 2007). It is […]