Fair & Pure

Fair & Pure offer a wide range of supplements for general health and for sports people. Many of the products are suitable for vegans. The business claims the following:-

” Our purity principle forbids us from using anti-caking agents, sweeteners, colourants, thickeners, stabilisers or any other additive often used to simplify the manufacturing process or give the product an attractive colour. For this reason Fair & Pure products are hypoallergenic and suitable for extra sensitive individuals.”

Cellulose is used as a filler in many of the capsules.

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Basic products include:-

L-Arginine (750mg) – gluten-free, fructose-free, lactose-free, gelatin-free, yeast-free, vegan. No magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide. 


Pine Bark Extract (100mg) 95% proanthocyanidins. Suitable for vegans.

Vitamin K2