Isopure produce protein powders for the serious athlete. The products are built around Whey Protein isolate which is a useful protein supplement for body building.

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Isopure offer a range of powders usually in 1 kg and 2 kg tubs. We find the following such as:

Whey Protein Isolate Powders

Zero Carb Whey Protein Isolate Powder in both vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours. The product is designed for muscle building without developing fat on the body. A portion is 30g and contains more than 25g of protein only from whey protein isolate. They claim to be 100 per cent lactose free which is an issue with other sports powders that use less refined whey protein sources. The product on average also contains 5.8g of branched chain amino-acids (BCAAs) in each 30g portion. 

Additional Ingredients

Sucralose is a common non-nutritive sweetener with a reasonably good sensory profile and suited to this type of protein. Soy lecithin helps in the solubilisation of the flavour in a solution where it is more commonly described as an emulsifier. 

There is a claim by the producers that the product is microfiltered. This process improves protein solubility when compared to other whey protein isolate products. It is likely in the process that they screen out using membrane filtration, any large protein masses which are insoluble leaving only protein fragments which will dissolve in water or other liquid relatively quickly.