GU Energy Labs

GU Energy Labs are a US business offering nutritional energy supplements for the serious athlete.  They were one of the first businesses to develop a range of energy gels. In 1993, Dr. Bill Vaughn developed the world’s first energy gel to help his daughter perform better during ultra-marathons, and GU has been helping to propel the world’s most successful extreme athletes to success ever since. GU Energy Gel sustains all forms of athletic activity with a highly compact, portable, and calorie-dense packet that is loaded with carbohydrates that can be rapidly absorbed.

Branched-chain amino acids limit muscle fiber damage and increase speed of recovery, and extra electrolytes help maintain water balance. Some flavors feature caffeine to increase concentration. While the original formula has been tweaked and evolved over the years, the end result is still the same: GU Energy Gels fuel the best endurance athletes in the world. GU Original Energy Gel comes in a wide variety of good tasting flavors. Each serving contains 450mg of amino acids, 100 calories, and at least 21g of total carbs.

The gels are currently available in three flavours: Chocolate Outrage, Salted Caramel and Strawberry Banana.

They are intended to be used for both training and sports. A serving is taken 5 minutes before and then every 45 minutes during activity. Each gel pack offers 15 servings with an energy content of 100 calories per serve. The energy comes from maltodextrin and fructose.

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