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(1) Pure Whey protein Isolate 90

Bulk Powders whey protein isolate 90 unflavoured
Image by Bulk Powders, c/o amazon.co.uk

One of their leading protein foods is a Pure Whey Protein Isolate 90. Whey protein isolate (WPI) is a very convenient source of protein which is ideal for dissolving into beverages to generate the type of protein content beloved of sports people and bodybuilders. The 90 means 90% WPI. A small amount of soya lecithin is added as emulsifier so that it mixes readily in water.

The protein content is 26 – 27g per 30g serving which is in the right ball-park for this type of product. That protein content is also higher then than that provided by a pure whey protein (of the order of 22g per serving) also available from Bulk Powders. There is also a minimal 0.6g of sugar, negligible lactose, just 0.3g of fat and an energy content of 111 kcals – all per serving. Clearly this means there is an extremely high protein content but low fat offer.

Any sweetness is provided by stevia rather than sucralose although the latter is not an issue. Stevia may be polarising for some in the flavour stakes and on tasting the product there is a slight aftertaste but not too heavy.

What flavours are available for this product?

There are a number of flavours available. The unflavoured version is ideal for those people needing to make up their own products which have a  neutral base and can be overlaid with other more personal flavours.  It may be a testament to their no nonsense approach to these types of protein powder on offer.

In terms of flavours, we have seen chocolate and salted caramel which uses Himalayan Pink salt. There are many others including banana, banana fudge, birthday cake, chocolate caramel, chocolate cookies, chocolate malted honeycomb, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut, peaches an cream, strawberry, vanilla and white chocolate. So really no excuses when it comes to choosing a suitable flavour. It is likely these will alter from time to time.

The Amazon web-site claims their product is suitable for vegetarians but this must be in error given the claim it is sourced from cow’s milk! 

Bulk Powders offer a variety of other proteins including pure whey protein, vegan proteins and other variants. Mixes are perfectly feasible and probably advisable to avoid overloading with the isolate and generating some variety at least in protein content and flavour.

Purchase the Unflavoured Whey Protein Isolate 90 here.  

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(2) Complete Lean Mass, Protein Shake

Bulk Powders
Image c/o Amazon.co.uk

The Complete Lean Mass series is a useful and valuable concept in sports nutrition and serves as a food supplement in its own right. The product offers a 1:1 ratio of protein (34g) to carbohydrate (34g) which delivers 338 kcal in a serving of 85g, but is low on fat with only 5g.

The concept idea behind this is to offer the serious athlete a product designed for putting on muscle mass. It contains what appears to be a proprietary blend of  ‘slow and fast release proteins’ so that there is balanced and sustained level of amino acids entering the blood system. It contains whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder – that’s quite a range of proteins and a full complement of amino acids. The main ingredient are Scottish oats which provides carbohydrates in the form of starches and some protein including avenin. There may be a potential fibre claim. The manufacturer believes that weight gainers might prefer this type of lower carbohydrate product than competitor products.

The calorie content of 338kcal per 85g serving sits perfectly between a protein drink and the 500kcal+ that is commonly seen in weight gainers.

The product also offers glutamine peptides which are small polymers of L-glutamine, a key amino-acid in both protein metabolism but also general neuropeptide synthesis.

The product comes in a classic range of flavours including chocolate and strawberry. Vanilla may come back although in other products it can be masked by strong ‘protein-like’ flavours. Also look for Chocolate malted Honeycomb and Birthday Cake.

The product is made up as a protein shake (85g) in 350ml of water or milk. Bulk Powders consider 1 to 3 servings in a day is acceptable.

Again the product is claimed to be suitable for vegetarians but it is difficult to make this claim given the animal nature of the protein sources. This must also be in error !

Purchase the Complete Lean Mass, Protein Shake, Chocolate here.  

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