Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the key cleaning products. They are absorbent, pliable, capable of mopping up most liquids and clearing away mess.

Most paper towels are available as 2-ply in either flat variants or as a roll. They are mainly paper and there are very few which come in any other material otherwise they are classified under other household goods such as sponges.

The hand towels are to be used for kitchen and washroom/bathroom environments. Ideal too for both domestic and business situations. Many types are designed for use with a dispenser so look out for these.

Depending on their use, the thicker the tissue the better simply because they will not fall apart. It is always surprising what type of use they are put to.

Generally, most towels have dimensions of between 20 and 25cm in width, and up to 35cm in length. In terms of colour, white is the most popular for domestic use, otherwise choose blue for heavy-duty cleaning.

Incredibly easy to use but generally only single-use.

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