Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there is nothing more exciting than furnishing your own home with some new kit. The thrill, the adventure, the expectation of owning top quality labor-saving devices is never really to be missed. The kitchen should never be left out. We love it – it is the central feature of the house.

Admittedly that first paragraph is a bit over the top but there are a number of kitchen appliances which we cannot afford to be with out. You need a good cooker, a fridge and probably a microwave. A kettle and a toaster.

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Why do you need a fridge ?

isn’t it obvious? A fridge means you can store food for far longer. It also means you can chill foods down quickly and you can store easily perishable foods too for just a bit longer. No need to eat pate on the day of purchase when you can keep it a bit longer in the chiller and eat the next day. Where would we be without a cool bottle of wine or lager.

The size is important. The bigger the unit the more you can store but it takes up space and consumes more energy. The freezer section is essential for all sorts of storage. I’m also taking out frozen veg. and thawing out meats.

Why do you need a microwave?

To be honest an oven will do most people’s needs but the microwave offers a greater scope and it can heat up food in a just a few minutes. Took about convenience. They are great for warming up leftovers, for defrosting slices of bread, cooking that ubiquitous ready-meal. As along as you don’t overdo it they are truly great for heating most foods. They don’t actually wreck food either.

The Coffee Machine

The one beverage that truly makes a kitchen appliance category worth every penny. This is the first device that gets used in the kitchen, before the toaster even has a look in. I need a cup of coffee before I can even operate the toaster we are up so early. Advanced models will make any sort of coffee beverage you desire. Coffee from a machine can be a truly divine experience.

Dishwasher – Could Be At The Top Of The List

washing the dishes needn’t seem like you are serving time in the clink when a dishwasher is around. Instead of being up to your arms in suds, waving the dishcloth about, why not just place all those dirty dishes and cutlery in a state of the art dishwasher. It just saves time and frankly hot water too.

The Oven

Any baking means an oven is essential. Where would we be without cake, pie or tart. It also means roasting is possible and along with it, various scope for a host of all sorts of foods. We love ours.  Buy two, it’s amazing what you can do with them.


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