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Instant Pot is now the number one selling Electric Pressure Cooker in North America which is quite a claim to be honest. The web-site has some excellent recipes to follow and with it some great videos illustrating how the Instant Pot should be used to maximum benefit. They have produced some cult bits of equipment. There are at least 250,000 reviews to go through when assessing this cookware so plenty of reading to keep you going through the wee hours although not all of it is as useful as we would like to see.

The Instant Pot has a huge following and it probably deserves this because of its versatility.

They are the main rivals now to Crock-Pot.

Stand-Out Products From Instant Pot

All Instant Pot equipment is a single piece designed for many functions. It is essentially a pressure cooker and because of this can speed up cooking time considerable using cheaper ingredients and contributing greater flavour. That makes it more powerful than a slow cooker. It does however do that beautifully including sauteing and steaming.

An electric version of a pressure cooker means that it is safe to use and operate. The unit itself is safe to use and will put the mind at rest but the safety instructions must always be followed. The web-site offers plenty of advice and is better than the instruction manual in many respects.

many reviewers on Amazon seem to find that the slow cook function is not as effective as a slow cooker because all the heat is from the base rather than from a number of sides. The use of silicone rubber in the sealing means that food aromas are picked up. This means regular washing and cleaning.

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