Cuisinart is the classic US home appliance brand which is owned by the Conair Corporation. This company began in 1971 which brought the electric food processor to our doors. The business was first started by Carl Sontheimer who showed the first Food processor at a food exhibition in Chicago in 1973. The business never looked back !

The business is based in Stamford, Connecticut in the USA.

The brand covers the full range of food processors from the mini types to restaurant and professional kitchen types. The Cuisinart Mini often receives strong and rave reviewed because it is so easy to use. It is also ideal as a smaller brother to your main food processor. We use the mini version for small samples because very often large chunks of ingredient are wasted. There is a strong attention to detail, surety on health sand safety and they generally have everything in the right place.

At the end of the scale is the Easy prep pro Food processor which is a highly reliable kitchen assistant. This is a powerful machine designed for all the traditional kitchen activities of slicing, dicing, blending, chopping, mixing and grating. Quite often chefs use it to create and spiralise those ribbons or turn food into a type of spaghetti. Ideal for salads, stews and soups, and casseroles. Doughs, cake batters, sauces and dips are no problem for it either. Just love it !

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