Crock-Pot is a name to conjure with. The home of the original slow cooker and still the leader in its field. It all started for them in 1970 with a simple but clearly well designed bean cooker. Over many decades later they have sold millions of their slow cookers and that will not drop off. For them a perfect way to cook food using an affordable product that produces nutrititious and delicious meals has been their watchword.

Over many years the Crock-Pot has become more energy efficient and with it a vast range of recipes to suit all tastebuds. generally it’s about prepping your ingredients, popping them into a stoneware pot and setting the timer for anywhere between 4 and 10 hours. It is the ideal slow-cooked meal and is waiting for you when you get home. we don’t apologise for lifting any of the statements made because it’s worth.

Stand-Out Products

We have tried the digital slow cookers in the past. In a generic sense they all seem to come in glossy black and a range of sizes to serve a small to large family. [You can get other colours but black always seem sophisticated to me]. The one that is worth trying is designed for about five or six folks. They always have a couple of sturdy handles which makes them ideal for lifting from a cupboard to a work surface. The lid being attached means it wont come away or drop off. We lost one with a rival product so that is a benefit in itself. By the way, get a glass lid because you can at least see what is cooking for a start ! 

The digital display panel is straightforward although that interface looks a bit daunting at first. The instruction manual that came with the pot was easy to understand and follow and there is also plenty of information available on their web-site too. The functions are extremely handy to follow – a timer function and a digital display which is big enough to see in the dark of a gloomy kitchen and it means you can see how long is left. 

Look for the CSC052 which is 4.7 litres and a classic black if you are buying in Europe.

In the USA, most are now bought online but in the UK you can get these from John Lewis.

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There are some very good products available from Crock-Pot and we would warmly recommend you perusing the pages of our affiliate marketing partner, Amazon.

Products From Crock-Pot

Purchase some great Crock Pot kitchenware here

 Apologies for the overt placement ! The link lets you look at other suppliers as well.

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