What better way to celebrate summer than firing up the old barbecue and spending time outside in the sunshine or rain for that matter with family and friends.  We all love a barbecue to be honest. A chance to down a few beers whilst the grill is heaving with bits of meat in various states, a bit of sunshine, some salad and coleslaw and all shared with people you care about. Cook up a feast with a gas, charcoal, electric or even a masonry barbecue.

The art of barbecueing is getting the food cooked properly, keeping it moist and ready for eating without giving everyone food poisoning. We’ve already raised the prospect of the different options available but gas barbecues are probably a favourite for starters. Remember that if you have gas burners then think of the climate. They do however give you the chance to slow cook, roast with indirect heat and to sear your meat loveliness. 

The most important part of the grill is actually grill. Uniform heat is needed over the whole surface because we need to prevent hot spots that will end up burning and then drying out your food.

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