Perpetual Spinach (Spinach Beet)

Perpetual spinach or spinach beet as it might be known is worth trying in the garden. It makes a suitable accompaniment to chard and ordinary spinach. Spinach beet or perpetual spinach is a stronger vegetable similar to annual grown spinach but more robust and capable of surviving a mild Winter.

  • A delicious substitute to spinach and certainly easier to grow.
  • Provides high yields of nutritious greens.
  • Generally non-bolting even in a hot Summer.
  • Great source of potassium and folate.
  • Ideal for beginners.


March to July. Sow outdoors and thinly where they are to grow and crop. Sow seeds to 2.5cm (1″) deep directly into finely prepared, fertile soil which has been pre-watered. Allow 40cm (16″) between rows. Early sowings benefit from some cloche protection. Seedlings appear from 7 to 21 days. Water well until plants are established. Thin out to 15cm (6″) apart, with 1 or 2 further sowings to ensure a continuous supply of leaves.


June to October. Pick a few leaves at a time without completely stripping the plants. Give cloche protection from October onwards to encourage cropping into the winter months. Pinch out central shoots to prolong the period of harvest of harvest. Cook leaf beet as for spinach.

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