Radishes – Mooli Types

The Mooli type of radish is a special case because it is generally used in cooking. These radishes are white and long producing high yields that are perfect for cooking in meals from salads to stir-fries. If you still have crops in autumn, then protect them from harsh weather with cloches to get the best produce throughout the year.


Prepare a bed outside where you want this radish to grow, and sow seeds at a depth of 1.5cm, with rows 30cm apart.

Seedlings begin to appear from around 7 to 14 days.

When growing, crops should be thinned to 15cm.

Water plants regularly, make sure the soil remains moist so that roots do not go tough.


Harvest your yields from August to November. Pick roots alternately so that some can grow to maturity where they will reach 35cm in length.

Varieties Of Mooli

cv. Mooli Mino Early. A high yielding, long white radish.

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