♥ Easy to grow, tasty and very versatile. Growing beetroot couldn’t be easier.

♥ Lift young as ‘baby beets’ or leave to mature

♥  Excellent source of folate and good source of potassium.

Sowing: Sow outdoors where they are to grow and crop, about 2.5cm (1” apart) deep directly into finely prepared soil which has already been watered. Allow 30cm (1”) between rows. Plants grow to 40cm height. The best time to sow is between April and July with their final growth period around October. Any seed sown before then, say around early March is best grown under a cloche. Protect young plants with fleece to prevent losses through cold.

The seeds germinate at 13°C and above. Make sure they are covered on sowing. A cloche also helps to protect the young seedlings.

Seedlings usually appear in 7-21 days.

Thin seedlings to 10cm (4”) apart. Water well until plants are established. Dry soil will lead to woody roots, so water well and make sure the soil is always moist.

Regular sowings made every three weeks should ensure a continuous supply of young beets. Do not allow the beets to grow too large otherwise they lose their flavour and become woody.

Harvested roots can be stored in dry sand for winter use.

Not frost hardy.


Boltardy remains the standard popular beetroot mainly because as its name suggests, it does not bolt and form small woody beets. The beets are round with strong deep red colour. It is ideal as a bulk grown vegetable before switching to another later variety such as Pablo. Sown little from March onwards and often for picking over several months from June onwards.

Chioggia is a traditional Italian globe beetroot with unusual red and white rings when its cut surfaces are exposed. It has dark green leaves and deep red stems. Very attractive for salad and dinner plate with sweet flavour. Sow little and often and you will be picking the roots over several months from end of June onwards.

 Cylindrica is as its name suggests produces a long, slim, cylindrical shaped beetroot, with a dark red colour to both the outer smooth skin and the inner sweet tasting flesh. Great for slicing.

Detroit 2 (Crimson Globe) .. a good round rooted variety for both maturing and baby beet production.

Pablo – grown for its ‘baby beet’ potential. Has smooth skin and good deep red internal colouring. Also sown after the variety ‘Boltardy’ has finished. Sow little and often and you will be picking the roots over several months from July onwards.

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