Arthur Turner – First raised in 1912 and is the best of the cooking apple varieties and should be found in any garden with pretensions to cooking. Enjoyed for its well flavoured yellow puree in making apple sauce although it needs some sugar to sweeten it. Ideal when baked too. A heavy cropper and resistant to scab. Suitable for both north and west regions of the UK  and norther areas of the USA. Harvest fruit from September into November. Said to to be partially self-fertile.

Blenheim Orange – a well established almost ancient favourite of the UK. has a dual purpose as a dessert and culinary apple. It was discovered in Oxfordshire in the 1740s. Produces attractive fruits which are large with a distinctive nutty flavour and goes very well with cheese. The fruits are ideal for baking as they keep their shape. Good mildew resistance. Suitable for very cold climates. Fruiting season is between October and Januaray. A triploid so wont pollinate other apple cultivars.

Bramley’s Seedling – The UK’s best known apple and a great one for cooking with. No apple pie seems to be made without using this variety. The original tree still stands in a Nottingham garden where it was grown from a pulp in 1809. Produces very large fruits which cook to a pale being-cream puree with strong acidity and flavour. Extremely attractive pink blossom. Keeps well in a cool ventilated area. usually picked from November right through to March. It is a triploid which means it will not pollinate other apple trees.

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