‘More protein – less carbs’

Opportunities for health and delicious snacking are not always forthcoming but Nutrilicious have plenty to offer the hungry looking for a convenient, diet-friendly opportunity. They have quite a range of snack products which are also rather indulgent and is quite a rarity in this age when healthy can also mean uninspired and lacking in flavour. These snacks have all the health benefits associated with pumpkin seeds as well as the taste !  Nutrilicious pictorial of their full range of products.

The key benefits of their range include:-

    • High protein (plant based)
    • Super Low carb (lower than any other snack/bar)
    • Less sugar than any natural sweet product (sweetener free)
    • 100% Organic & Natural Ingredients
    • Palm Oil Free
    • Fit in with both Plant Based & Keto Diet

You can find their products through a number of distributors in the UK and will soon be found in retailers such as Planet Organic, Revital & Wholefoods. According to Amazon UK statistics they are now in the top 20 high protein snacks category  after only 3 months of listing and they have an impressive 30 per cent re-order rate. They also suit vegans.

If you like pumpkin seeds then why not try their four stand-out flavours of:-

  • Belgian milk chocolate
  • Belgian dark chocolate
  • Belgian white chocolate
  • Tamari Spice

The snack offering has more protein but less carbs and sugar than many other leading snack brands   per 100g of product. 

All their items use plant based proteins.


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