Emmy’s Organics

Strap Line: Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan and Non-GMO snacks!

Emmy’s Organics are one of those classic start-ups that began in a kitchen. So it was when  Ian Gaffney and Samantha Abrams  looked at how they could develop their passion for good old healthy living and still have great snacks. All that was back in 2009 in that kitchen in Ithaca, New York State. So they came up with their delicious raw, gluten-free macaroons.  The main product line is now added to with various flavoured cookies.

The dark cacao macaroons are one of their most iconic brands having a rich, slightly bitter flavour overlaying shredded coconut. Ingredients: Organic shredded coconut, organic raw agave nectar, organic raw cacao powder, non-GMO almond flour, organic raw coconut oil, fair trade vanilla flavor (alcohol-free), himalayan crystal salt.





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