Dorset Cereals

Dorset Cereals offer some of the best whole food, grain and cereal products in the United Kingdom.

Products On Offer

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Dorset Cereals Berry Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Berry Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Chocolate Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Classic Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Muesli (700g)

Dorset Cereals Classic Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Muesli (700g)

Dorset Cereals Gloriously Nutty Muesli (600g)

Dorset Cereals Gloriously Nutty Muesli (600g)

Dorset Cereals Honey Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Honey Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Luscious Berries & Cherries Muesli (800g)

Dorset Cereals

Dorset Cereals Oat Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Oat Granola (550g)

Dorset Cereals Our Lovely Organic Muesli (780g)

Dorset Cereals Our Lovely Organic Muesli (780g)

Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli (850g)

Dorset Cereals Our Simply Delicious Muesli

Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli (820g)

Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity Muesli

Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli (700g)

Dorset Cereals Simply Nutty Muesli

Dorset Cereals Tasty Toasted Spelt, Fruit & Nut Muesli (690g)

Dorset Cereals Tasty Toasted Spelt, Fruit & Nut Muesli