Mary Berry Cookbooks

Mary Berry is a one of the UK’s iconic cooks and recipe writers and has become synonymous with the ‘Great British Bake-Off’. Her longevity can really be put down to the ready accessibility of her writing through her recipes. She also has appeal for many of the cooks at home who want to test themselves against some of the more sophisticated dishes they see being produced on the television.  

One reason for her appeal was the on-screen chemistry she found with her baking partner, Paul Hollywood. The level of British innuendo is best characterised by her level of saucy (not in a chef’s sense) banter although I’m sure avid watchers of Bake-Off will have seen the odd wink to a number of contestants over the years. Now she is exploring more traditional recipes in what looks like Downton Abbey’s kitchen and looking at the practices then of chefs who worked downstairs.

It’s worth exploring the recipes especially the high quality of her baking. They range in terms of ease from dead easy to down right fiendish. Technical challenge certainly is in it !

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