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Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are changing perceptions in all of us about how to cook and eat. These two are collectively known just as Helmsley and Helmsley which strangely makes them sound like a butler duet. They espouse healthy eating as more than just art although it has plenty in each book, but a way of treating ourselves properly. Diet and nutrition are two features at the heart of each book, especially the removal of certain ingredients like gluten and refined sugars, but ramps up the nutrients especially the vitamins and minerals we need to nourish our bodies. Each book is highly motivational !

East by West: Simple Recipes for Ultimate Mind-Body Balance (Published Nov. 2017).

Jasmine Helmsley goes solo with this cookbook by describing a fantastic range of recipes along classical Ayurvedic lines. We have something here for all but delivered in a way that captures the spirit of her style of cooking. The expanse is global and brings to life the vast range of potential in nutrition that Ayurvedic medicine can offer.

Good + Simple (2016) is a recipe book of 140 mouth-watering dishes which are designed for your healthy lifestyle. The two sisters have created dishes which should invigorate us, make us healthier and fitter. Their basic but up-to-speed philosophy is to cut out the grains, any gluten, certain sugars especially refined ones and refocus our thoughts on diet and what our body is taking in. The recipes are easy to follow, fun and enjoyable. The ingredients are readily obtainable and help support various health shops.

The Art Of Eating Well (Published 19th June 2014).

Now a best seller and is based on the UK’s Channel 4 series ‘Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley. It’s described by some critics as a revolutionary take to help us feel better, lose weight and increase our energy levels. The book has 150 recipes which link strongly with the messages in the TV series.


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