Coffee: Peets

Peets are a classic US brand. We only see it in the UK rarely but it is worth looking out for in specialist coffee suppliers. Peet are roasters in their own right with a plant in Emeryville, California. Much of their production is packed by Keurig Green Montain in Waterbury, Vermont.

Mr. Peet was rightly proud of his brand. The first cafe began in California which is over fifty years ago in 1966. In those days they were on Vine and Walnut Streets in Berkeley, California. There he was selecting the best beans and roasting them in very small batches to generate a rich and distinctive flavour.

One of their finest dark blends is Major Dickason’s Dark Roast which they do as beans of grinding, as a freshly ground coffee and in pods. Other varieties include a French Roast (dark roast), the Cafe Domingo (medium roast) and various capsules for a whole host of coffee which we are not that familiar with.

We hear great things about the Decaffeinated Dark Roast Coffee which is worth looking for. Even though it doesn’t have the great health benefits of caffeine it can still create that special kick in the morning.

Products From Peets

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