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Primal Pantry is a uniquely British business with its main production centre in the Maidenhead. The business was started by Suzie Walker in 2013 who used her nutritionist skills to develop a range of healthy bars as snacks for her children. She clearly set out to avoid any sugar such as sucrose or added artificial ingredients but instead use a variety of natural ingredients that lent plenty of flavour as the necessary sweetness to keep her kids (and I guess adults) interested.

The manufacture of the bars uses cold pressing which is a manual method of creating a firm product. This process helps with texture and maintaining enough rigidity in the bar during packing and placing on the shelves. It relies on the natural stickiness of the various ingredients especially date to keep it all together. Cold pressing also avoids temperature rises during processing so the product keeps as natural a flavour as possible. Dates are ideal for this type of technology. The use of dates also provides some fibre as well as natural sugars conferring their own style of sweetness.

The Paleo Bars.

Their best bars are the Paleo bars which come in a 45g serving. The number of ingredients is kept to around 4 to 6 which makes for simplicity itself in knowing exactly what is in the bar. All the dried fruit used is free of sulphites which is often added as a preservative. Incidentally, there are no preservatives of any kind or other additives, no added refined sugars or vegetable oil so it’s easy to see how they make it simple for anyone choosing a bar for that pre- or post-exercise workout.

What other claims are there ? They are gluten (wheat), soya and dairy free. No GMOs either. Generally all the bars are 200 kcal. Virtually all the carbohydrate is sugar with 6g fibre in each bar. There is a negligible salt content although most of the salt will be an inherent part of any nuts. All are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Products From Primal Pantry

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Stand Out Products

(1) Primal Pantry Brazil Nut & Cherry Raw Paleo Bar

Primal Pantry- Brazil Nut & Cherry Raw Paleo Bar
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The Paleo Bar as well as dates includes Brazil nuts (40%), cherries (10%) with some almond oil to help with the moulding.

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(2) Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Paleo Energy Bar

Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Raw Paleo Bar
c/o Amazon

This Paleo Bar contains (of course dates), two types of nuts- hazelnuts (28%) and almonds, chocolate from cocoa powder (5.5%), vanilla powder for flavour and almond oil. Cocoa powder not brings its distinct flavour but also offers small measure of cocoa polyphenols which have their own clinical benefits.

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