PhD bars are deliciously yummy and moreish. They are high in protein but low in sugar. They sold 1 million bars in their first 47 days when the product was launched. The bars are intended for all those who have performance lifestyle goals. PhD want you to follow a leaner lifestyle with their macro-controlled, great tasting products.

Not only do they have bars, they also produce the Diet Whey range of powders, drinks, bars and squeezy’s. The products tap into the low-carb diet programme for many keen to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Just remember though, protein bars of any sort are a supplement and not a food to be consumed ad-hoc. if you are aiming to improve fitness always make sure you consume other sources of proteins to obtain the complete range of amino acids essential for good health. 

The Smart Bar – A Key Product In The Range.

Check this out ! The Smart Bar is a high protein, low carb bar which comes in five characteristic flavours. Purchase caramel crunch, chocolate brownie, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, and dark chocolate raspberry. The product an ‘on the go’ snack, to be enjoyed ‘anywhere at any time’.

The protein content is 20g of protein per bar sourced from a blend of milk protein (not isolate), collagen hydrolysate and soy protein isolate.

To achieve their great taste, the products are triple layered which means the flavour is prominent throughout the product. 

The sugar content is less than 2.1g. The ingredient label shows variations depending on the flavour from 0.4g to 1.9g of sugar per bar.


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