Walnut oil and nuts with leaf isolated on white background

The Benefits Of Walnut Oil

October 31, 2018 smitsa 0

The walnut (Juglans regia L.) is in its own right an important component of anybody’s diet. It is often consumed without any further modification of […]

Parsley seeds in full view

Parsley Seed Oil

September 27, 2018 smitsa 0

Parsley (Petroselinum sativum Hoffm.) is a hardy biennial in the Apiaceae family (formerly called the Umberlliferae) which is widely grown as a herb for garnishes […]

Camphor oil is placed on the window sill.

Camphor And Camphor Oil

May 25, 2018 smitsa 0

Camphor oil is an important commodity for many  people. The Chinese especially use it for  particularly medicinal purposes. Properties The therapeutic properties of camphor oil […]

Bottle of apricot oil with fresh fruit and kernels on wooden table

Apricot Kernel Oil

April 9, 2018 smitsa 0

Apricot kernel oil is ideal for sensitive skin and is also suitable for delicate baby and children’s skin. It has a slightly marzipan scented oil […]

Camellia branch with flower isolated on white background

Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

The multipurpose Camellia oleifera oil offers amazing benefits for skin and hair. It is known that Geishas kept their skin soft, supple and young using this oil […]

Bunch of rosehips, the fruit of the rose bush.

Rosehip Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Rosehips are a fantastic nutritional health source but the seeds also yield an excellent oil which is composed of omega-6 (45 percent) and omega-3 (35 […]

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Kukui Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Kukui oil is extracted from the nut of a tree (Aleurites moluccana) which is found in the forests of the Far East and  Hawaii. The oil is a […]

A dropper bottle of cedarwood essential oil. cedarwood nuts in front view


October 17, 2017 smitsa 1

Cedarwood is highly pungent with a resinous,  spicy and woody aroma. It has excellent antimicrobial properties and is used to clean skin, especially oily skin. It […]

The essential oil of carrot seeds in a glass bottle on a wooden table.

Carrot Seed Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 1

Carrot seed oil is an extraordinary therapeutic product for the skin. When added to carrier oils it is used to soothe dry and matured skin. […]

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Patchouli Oil

October 17, 2017 smitsa 0

Patchouli is an essential oil extracted from the plant Pogostem cablin. It is mostly grown in India where it is mentally stimulating in relatively low […]

19104253 - close up of rose geranium

Rose Geranium Oil

September 10, 2017 smitsa 1

Rose geranium oil is an essential oil extracted from various Pelargonium species but predominantly from Pelargonium graveolens. It serves as a floral substitute for rose […]