Market, Product And Technology Analysis

FoodWrite Ltd can help you assess technologies, products and markets to support your growth strategies. Our analyses help to inform you on critical business and investment decisions. It means you can understand the market potential for new products, businesses and technologies.      

The selection of case studies in market/consumer research below, are examples of projects conducted by FoodWrite Ltd. If there is something in these case studies which would help you pursue or resolve your objectives, please contact FoodWrite. The clients cannot be identified but have given permission for the subject matter to be identified in the generic format.

Case Studies

Case Study – Biomass Fermentation (no. 7T54)

Knowledge on the current legislation and regulation and opportunities for waste food treatment using fermentation for a West Country farming group diversifying their operation. 

The report identified commercial opportunities and business cases for fermenting and composting a variety of waste materials from food manufacture. “FoodWrite delivers concise, business oriented information which put us on the right track, reducing our waste and the opportunities he presented are great for us” (Michael Frank, Welsh Border Counties Farming).

Case Study – Specific Herbs in New Markets (no. 9B39).

A market analysis of various herbs for particular EU countries with a focus on herbal products for pets and small farmed animals.

Case Study – Microbial Fuel Cells (no. 0S11)

Microbial fuel cells could be a valuable means of generating electricity from waste food materials. This client needed to know just how viable this technology really was.

Case Study – Nutrients from South American Tropical Fruits (no. 8C92)

What fruits could be available in the market place from South America ? This report told the client exactly what they needed to know about the various types, how much was available and how they might use them in product development.

Case Study – Policosonols in the Food and Health Market (no. 6P88)

The customer in China was establishing whether a market existed for policosanols in Western markets along with other health ingredients. This report establishes the market and  the client now sells these ingredients.

Case Study – Polyphenolics in Seasonings (no. 6I68)

Case Study – Production and Suppliers of Brewer’s Yeast (no. 7BC3)

Case Study – Spirulina Growth and Production (no. 3T09)

Case Study – Stevia (no. 5I66)

This FMCG manufacturer wanted to understand the marketplace for stevia especially where beverage opportunities presented themselves.

Case Study – Supply Chains (no. 7R23)

Supply chains have elements of risk associated with them. Riskaware Ltd wanted to understand what opportunities were open to them and this survey gave them just that. We offered a comprehensive examination on technology analysis enabling them to make business decisions.

Case Study -Tropical Fruit Processing for India (no. 2C91)

This large FMCG business that isn’t associated with food production wanted to establish a supply chain for various fruit grown in Southern India. This report gives them enough knowledge to make key business decisions about producing fruit based products and they supply now to the UK market.

Case Study -Vitamin-Mineral Supplements: Educational Dossier (no. 8I15)

Case Study – Quality Testing. We have also assessed protocols for quality testing and control of various product formulas. In 2018, we assessed quality tests and control in the production of an infant formula for the USA as per 21 CFR part 106 regulation. We also provided for the same SME client an appraisal of quality testing for powdered ready to eat foods (RTE) such as milk powder and a powdered peanut butter (no. 6V45).         

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